Aranmula Kannadi

The metal mirror, a marvel in the annals of metallurgy was in vogue long before the appearance of today silicon synthetic glass mirror was in use in far off Egypt and Bagdad. And one of the temples at Khajuraho portrays a woman looking in to a metal mirror while applying her Bindi. Archaeological excavations at Harappa have yielded a mirror made copper with a five inch diameter. The Rig Veda also mentions the presence of the metal mirror. The ancestors of this craft could have migrated to south India from the Saptha-Sindhu and are descendants of the great masters of the Indus valley civilization.

Aranmula a gem from the treasure trove

Aranmula is small village situated on the banks of river Pamba, it lies in the district of Pathanamthitta and is about 100km southeast of Kochi. The place where the kannadi is made is just 1km from the famous Lord Parathasarathy temple in Aranmula. The nearest town in Kozhencheri which is famous for its rich Christian Culture. In its town an annual convention Maramon Convention is held by the Christian community. Also another convention known as Cherukolpuzha Convention is held by the Hindus. Both their Convention are held on the dry river bed of the Pamba. Also during Onam, the most famous event of the region is the Aranmula Vallamkali or the boat race. People come for all over the country as well as the world to witness the magnificent race. The whole river ids filled with snake boats from different villages and the banks are charged with the thrill of the events.

Aranmulai Kannadi

This metal resembles the glass mirror in every respect and any object placed against it, is reflected with complete clarity without any reflection in as much as the image falls just on top of the surface of the metal mirror where the image falls on the mercury coated surface inside the glass.



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